Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance provides you with the support and financial resources necessary to cover the out-of-pocket expenses for care at home or in a facility, when you can no longer care for yourself.

When we picture ourselves in the future, we do our best to see the positive results of our hard work over the years – maybe it’s relaxing at the cottage or getting out for that daily round of golf. It can be difficult to imagine that we may someday need ongoing care… especially if we’re in good health now. Plan early, look into Long Term Care, qualifying is easier and costs less.

Your need for health care and personal care will change over time. For some it means dealing with minor health problems, for others it means an unexpected health event or accident, and for many of us it will mean chronic health problems that make day-to-day activities very difficult without help from a friend or family member. There are costs associated with our care as we age, please find below some costs in Ontario.


Nursing Homes

In the province of Ontario, the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care determines the fees for private, non-profit, and government run nursing homes, and fees are the same regardless of the owner. The following rates are effective July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

For the daily accommodation rate, a basic room is $55.04, a semi-private room is $64.04, and a private room is $74.79.

For the monthly accommodation rate, a basic room is $1674.14, a semi-private room is $1947.89, and a private room is $2274.86.

The rates typically change on an annual basis as of July.

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