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We want to know about your goals, the day-to-day and blue-sky aspirations that drive your business. The right employee benefits solution can help you reach today’s goals and stretch for tomorrow’s targets. We deliver group benefits plans and services that are flexible, innovative, and anticipate your needs. And we deliver them with easy administration for you, backed up with exceptional service from us.As your business grows and changes, we’ll help you be prepared for the future. Hiring an expert financial advisor like The Majdoub Group Financial Services, Ottawa, can help you choose the plan that is right for you and your employees. At the same time, the employees can get immediate tax relief through regular payroll contributions with the option of lump sum contributions anytime they want.

A group RRSP is just a number of individual RRSPs that employees have access to, through their sponsoring employer. All contributions by employees to their individual RRSPs can be made with or without employer contribution. The employee’s contributions are made through employee’s taxable earnings. This reduces the income tax they have to pay. Income in a group RRSP, as in individual RRSP, is not taxable until withdrawn. Without an employer offering a Group Savings Plan, many employees will delay investing for the future in favour of managing short-term financial obligations.

A Group Retirement Savings Plan is an easy, affordable and flexible way to attract and retain key employees by providing them with the financial means to reach their long-term goals.

Your employees are working hard to build a good life for themselves and those they care about. They have financial goals they want to reach in the next few years and down the road. People are counting on them and there’s a lot at stake. With group RRSP, your employees can start saving for the long-term.Group RRSP savings can be used for retirement, buying a house or funding your education,.The security of having money put away for the golden years will allow employees to be more relaxed and productive. Introducing group RRSP option will show your employees that you care. It will not only help you retain employees but also help you attract talent in the long-term.

Environics Research studies show that many Canadians have not taken the necessary steps to ensure an enjoyable retirement. Almost half of working Canadians do not know how much money they will need, or in fact, believe they will not have enough money to retire comfortably.

Without an employer offering a Group Retirement Savings Plan, many employees will delay investing for the future in favour of managing short-term financial obligations. If you give your employees the opportunity to build for their future, they’ll appreciate the effort you make today and thank you for it tomorrow.
You are giving employees the tools and support they need to help them build the future they envision for themselves. They will have an opportunity to set aside a little money from each pay cheque toward achieving their financial goals. Your employees can:

  • Choose their own contribution amount
  • Choose from a wide range of diversified investment options
  • Consolidate their savings in one convenient account

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