Plan To Plan. It’s The Best Way.

How To Set Up A Plan and When To Think About It

Financial planning is a process rather then an event. As such, keeping your plan current is vital. Taking advantage of changing tax rules, maximizing Revenue Canada’s allowances and using insured strategies will all help enhance your retirement goals. For example due to the tax advantaged nature of life insurance, those looking for tax deferred growth, and supplemental retirement income are well advised to consider the benefits of permanent life insurance.

As an investment, using life insurance to accumulate tax-advantaged growth of policy values is attractive. Allowing cash to grow without the influence of taxation is a tremendous advantage. Cash value of the insurance policy can later be accessed to provide added income at retirement and a tax-free transfer, at death, of the remaining death benefit to your intended heirs.

Please take a look at the pages in this section to get an idea of some of the different investment products available to you. You will also find debt-repayment and savings calculators to help with your planning.

Start planning your financial future today.

When to think about it.

Truth be told: it’s always a good time to start financial planning. Setting up a plan is as easy as ever. To help you get started we’e provided some easy to use tools. The best way to start is to take five minutes and complete our thirty point financial inspection. It will help you understand your entire financial picture quickly and easily. Click here to start your thirty point inspection.

Plan vs. Event

It’s never good to use an event in your life as a catalyst to start planning your finances. Often you wish you’d started planning when the event happens, like a broken car, or broken leg. We are firm believers that the best way to do financial planning is to set in motion a plan in advance, before an event happens in your life. We’ll start by doing a thorough review of your financial position and creating a tactical plan to meet your financial and life goals, one by one.