Client Testimonials


I’ve known Meiz Majdoub for almost 20 years, back when he was my representative with London Life. When Meiz went out on his own, it took me all of 2 seconds to decide to move my business from London Life to The Majdoub Group. Not because I had any issues with London Life but because Meiz is one of the most personable and trustworthy individuals I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. The Majdoub Group has looked after my families needs for years and I would highly recommend that you give them the opportunity to do the same for you.

– Craig Warren

I have been with Meiz for several years at least 20 or more and you guys have always been there to look after my finances and now that you have all of my portfolio it gives me a warm feeling. I always feel that you are always looking after what is best for me. You instil trust in what you do.

– Mike Torunski, Service Manager, Tony Graham Infiniti Nissan


I have known Meiz Majdoub for 30 years and I take great pride in being his very first client when he moved to the insurance field. Meiz has been my financial advisor ever since. He has always given me sound advice. It is reassuring to know that he is looking after my best interest as well as my family’s needs. I would highly recommend The Majdoub Group.

– Monique Pautre


I have been with The Majdoub Group for 13 years I have great dealings with The Majdoub Group.  If I need money in a hurry Meiz and Cynthia resolve my issue quite quickly. They keep me up to date and inform me regularly concerning my RSP’s.

– Robert Watson