Financial Planning Services

Plan Ahead, Today. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.

It’s really important to plan your finances in advance. Those who don’t plan struggle when an unexpected event happens. Flying solo when it comes to financial planning is not a good idea especially if you are not well versed in money matters. With nearly thirty years experience under our belt you can feel confident knowing that Majdoub Financial will craft a plan that best suits your needs now and in the future. Here’s how Meiz Majdoub, Ottawa’s best financial advisor at The Majdoub Group Financial Services can help you:

Financial Planning Services From The Majdoub Group
  • formulate your financial goals
  • assess you current financial situation
  • understand your future financial planning needs and goals
  • decide which instruments to invest in and how much
  • choose savings and investments that are best for you
  • tax planning and preparation
  • retirement planning

Whether you want to put money in an RESP, save for retirement or invest, Majdoub Financial can help you. A financial planner can help you if you find yourself in the following situations:

  • You finances are all entangled and you don’t know how to un-complicate it.
  • You do not understand financial jargon but want to invest and save
  • You are facing a financial challenge
  • You do not have the time to understand and create financial plans
  • There has been a recent shift in your life, such as, marriage or birth of a child
  • You want to be in charge of your financial future
  • You are concerned about your retirement planning

A financial planner can see the big picture and understand how a decision in one area of your life affects another financially.Start planning your financial future today with Ottawa’s top financial planners, The Majdoub Group.
Whether you want to put money in an RESP, save for retirement or invest, Majdoub Financial can help you.

Start planning your financial future today.

Let’s get started.

Truth be told: it’s always a good time to start financial planning. Setting up a plan is as easy as ever. To help you get started we’ve provided some easy to use tools. The best way to start is to take five minutes and complete our thirty point financial inspection. It will help you understand your entire financial picture quickly and easily.Click here to start your thirty point inspection.

Ten reasons to ask a Financial Planner for help.


We’ve been doing financial assessments for almost thirty years. You can trust that you’ll get the best assessment possible.


Once your assessment is complete we will draft your new financial plan. Your financial goals will all be in reach.


Once your plan is in place we’ll make it easy for you to turn the plan into reality. You’ll get regular status check-ups to stay on track.