Guaranteed Issue Non Medical Individual Health and Dental Insurance

If you are looking for individual health and dental insurance in Ontario, but have a pre-existing condition, you have two options. One is a standard plan which will not cover your pre-existing condition and requires you to fill a medical questionnaire. The other but better option is Guaranteed Issue Non-Medical Health Insurance with no questions or health examination and which will cover your existing health condition.

Advantages of Guaranteed Issue No Medical Health Insurance:

  • Guarantee of issue
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • No medical questionnaire
  • Core benefits for dental, prescription drugs and medical practitioners depending on the plan type
  • Such plans may also pay immediately for existing condition (for instance, diabetic syringes)

Click here to view or download a chart outlining health and dental plan options.  Please note that the Combo Plus Starter (blue column) is the option that does not require a medical.